We are happy to welcome you to the 19th Annual Meeting of the Egyptian Society for the Glaucomas (ESG). The first glaucoma society in the Middle East and Africa was founded by the relentless efforts of the founding pioneers; Mohamed Ibrahim Abdalla and Nabil Sabry, aided by an array of some of the best glaucoma specialists in the country spanning institutions from far south to far north.

Since the very beginning, ESG meetings were well received by Egyptian as well as international colleagues. For the 2019 Congress, we promise you a rich and varied scientific content, ranging from a day dedicated to various-level instructional courses, to symposia, panel discussions, paper sessions, and wetlabs. This will be adorned by eminent international guest speakers making their outstanding presentations in various glaucoma sub-specialties.

The Meeting is held this year in collaboration with Ophthalmology Center, Mansoura University. The sincere efforts and support of our colleagues there were a backbone to the realisation of this meeting.

Every effort has been made by the board towards our one goal: Better development of our glaucoma understanding and knowledge. On behalf of ESG Board, I sincerely hope that all of us will have a fruitful outcome of these 3 days.

President of ESG

Ahmad K Khalil, MD, PhD

Companies Acknowledgement

Presenting Doctor Presentation Title
Asmaa EL Gohary pERG changes in patients with POAG in correlation with visual field and OCT changes
Karim Nabil Comparison between choroidal thickness in normal and glaucomatous eyes using spectraldomain optical coherence tomography
Mahmoud Radwan What lies underneath
Tarek Eid Pupil reconstruction
Salah Almosallamy Amniotic membrane assisted Ahmed valve revision
Nader Momtaz A rare case of steroid-induced glaucoma
Ahmed El karmouty Bouquet of glaucoma surgeries-which one to pick?
Tarek Eid Do we help our Glaucoma patients get cured?
Maria Papadopoulos Childhood Glaucoma in the 21st Century
Ghada Gawdat OCT findings in PCG
Dina El Fayoumi OCT in secondary pediatric glaucomas
Yasmine El Sayed Circumferential trabeculotomy
Maria Papadopoulos Failed angle:  what next?  Trabeculectomy
Nader Bayoumi The lens in primary congenital glaucoma
Mingkai Lin Could glaucoma surgery be controllable?
Ahmed Moemen Combined phacoemulsification and viscocanalostomy with Ologen implant versus combined phacoemulsification and viscocanalostomy
Mahmoud Rateb A new modification of trabeculectomy to prevent early scarring
Yasser Hamed Vitreous herniation after trabeculectomy
Moemena Abdelrazik One and half year experience in Baerveldt device in ASUH
Mahmoud Radwan Results of 18 months follow up of ab Interno XEN gel implants for glaucoma
Moemena Abdelrazik Glaucoma management for Bostan K Pro Insertion
Mahmoud Rateb Outcome of a low cost non valved glaucoma implant in resistant pediatric glaucoma
Yasser Hamed Outcome after surgical drainage of choroidal effusions following glaucoma surgery
Tarek Ragaiey Pediatric glaucoma
Ahmed El karmouty Uveitic cataract and glaucoma -Things to consider
Gehad El Nahry Glaucoma in Uveitis
Winifred Nolan Mechanisms of angle closure
Nader Bayoumi Laser PI is Not Enough for PAC and PACG
Ahmed Alashry Drug Induced Angle Closure
Winifred Nolan Surgery in angle closure:  Tackling difficult cases
Winifred Nolan Management of angle closure:   Applying the evidence from recent trials to clinical practice
Fathy Fawzy Phacolytic glaucoma: a diagnostic and a surgical dilemma
Tarek Eid When pieces do not fit together Neuroophthalmic cases that mimic glaucoma
Sameh El Agha Neovascular glaucoma: a retinal perspective