Dear Colleagues, 

We would like to welcome you to the 18th Annual Meeting of the Egyptian Society for the Glaucomas (ESG), an ongoing, uninterrupted tradition since 2001. The first glaucoma society in the Middle East and Africa was founded by the relentless efforts of the founding pioneers; Mohamed Ibrahim Abdalla and Nabil Sabry, aided by an array of some of the best glaucoma specialists in the country spanning institutions from far south to far north.

Since its very beginning, ESG meetings were well received by Egyptian as well as international colleagues. This has always put a sacred obligation to all board members to make all possible efforts for continuing success; this year being no exception. The 2018 program has a wide range of scientific activities spanning 3 days including: courses (basic to advanced), wetlabs, symposia, challenging panel discussions, free papers/ video sessions…; a very rich content indeed, offered by some of the best glaucoma specialists. Every sincere effort made by the board has one goal: Better development of our glaucoma understanding and knowledge. On behalf of ESG Board, I sincerely hope that all of us will have a fruitful outcome of these 3 days.

President of ESG
Ahmad K Khalil, MD, PhD

Presenting Doctor Presentation Title
Ahmed El Shafei Association between pseudoexfoliation syndrome and sensorineural hearing loss: PDF
Ahmed ElKarmouty Management of Tube Complications PDF
Ahmed ElKarmouty Better Outcomes for Traby PDF
Ahmed Khalil The New Horizons of Medical Therapy in Glaucoma PDF
Ahmed Moemen Non-penetrating approach to pediatric conventional glaucoma surgery PDF
Ahmed Saad Phacotrabeculectomy with releasable sutures in ACG PDF
Amanne F. Esmael Agreement profiles for rebound and applanation tonometry in normal and glaucomatous children PDF
Amanne F. Esmael Pediatric glaucoma suspects PDF
Eman Nabil El Sayed Glaucoma in Children with Facial Port Wine Stain PDF
Hala El Chweikh UBM in glaucoma PDF
Karim Nabil Swollen lens challenge PDF
Mohamed Adel Comprehensive Solution for Glaucoma PDF
Nader Momtaz A congenital glaucoma trick PDF
Nader Momtaz Factors Influencing the Outcome of Goniotomy and Trabeculotomy in Primary Congenital Glaucoma PDF
Said Shalaby OCT angiography of optic disc perfusion in POAG PDF
Salah El Mesallamy A novel technique to enhance survival of trabeculectomy in PCG PDF
Shaymaa Hassan Ocular massage: Clinical pearls PDF
Taha Labib Glaucoma after penetrating keratoplasty PDF
Tarek Ragaiey Controversies in Angle Closure Glaucoma Treatment PDF
Yasmine El Sayed Microcatheter-assisted trabeculotomy vs two site trabeculotomy in pediatric glaucoma PDF
Yasser Ali Improving the filtration of glaucoma surgery PDF
Yasser Ali Combined phacoemulsification and Glaucoma Drainage implant surgery ,indication and technique PDF