Dear Colleagues,

Once again, it is time for the annual meeting of ESG, an ongoing tradition since 2001. Established in the year 2000 by Professors Mohamed Ibrahim and Nabil Sabry together with a prestigious group of glaucoma specialists of Egypt, ESG was the first Glaucoma Society in the Middle East and Africa, and has become an outstanding regional society. Its meetings have been successfully ongoing since the first year of the millennium, with no interruption.

The organizing committee has arranged for a rich scientific content spanning 3 days; Wednesday is set exclusively for basic to advanced instruction courses. Thursday and Friday are packed with various format scientific sessions. We are privileged to have an eminent guest speaker; Dr. Paul Harasymowycz head of the glaucoma section at the Université de Montréal, Canada, together with some of the best glaucomatologists in the country, who will share their vast experience with ESG members.

I would like to acknowledge the fruitful contributions of the industry who supported this meeting, with special thanks to Novartis, the platinum sponsor. All made substantial efforts for its success.
On behalf of the ESG Board, I invite you to make your active participation in the meeting and wish you a fruitful outcome out of its 3-day activities.

President of the ESG

Presenting Doctor Presentation Title
Abdel Khalik Elsaadani El Saadani Glaucoma Tube implant(EGTI): a novel patent PDF
AbdelHamid El Hofy Control of IOP in cases of anterior segment reconstruction PDF
Adel Abdel Shafik Normal Tension Glaucoma PDF
Ahmad Hossam Express glaucoma shunt PDF
Amr Abdel Rahim Transscleral cyclophotocoagulation using diode laser 980 nm PDF
Amr Wassef Assessment of IOP using ORA and GAT before and after PKP PDF
Khaled Hamdy Baerveldt implant versus Ahmed valve in management of diffcult glaucoma cases PDF
Khaled M.Hassan Third  flap technique in viscocanalostomy PDF
Said Shalaby Overhanging bleb PDF
Tarek Eid Evolution of quantitative assessment of RNFL in glaucoma PDF
Tarek Eid Surgical closure of cyclodialysis cleft PDF
Yasmine El Sayed Pediatric aphakic glaucoma PDF