Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the members of the Egyptian Society for the Glaucomas (ESG) and the organizing committee, it is my great pleasure to welcome you all to the 14th Annual Meeting of the society, to be held at Le Meridien Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt on 30 – 31 October 2014.

A first step toward achieving this is that we, the glaucoma specialists, take this year’s meeting as an opportunity to share knowledge and exchange ideas, which would hopefully reflect on improved diagnostic and treatment modalities, for the ultimate benefit of glaucoma patients.

As our success depends on your attendance and contribution, we hope that you join us.

President of the ESG

Presenting Doctor Presentation Title
Afaf H Rashwan Refractive errors after subscleral trabeculectomy PDF
Ahmed Elkarmouty MI Abdalla Lecture: ABC Study PDF
Ahmed Hossam MSD lecture: Ocular blood flow in glaucoma management PDF
Enas Mourad IOP PDF
George Zaki Bleb compression sutures for overfiltration PDF
Grant D McLaren Pfizer lecture PDF
Hassan Eissa IOP PDF
Hassan Eissa YAG iridotomy revisited PDF
Karim Adly New imaging modalities in glaucoma PDF
Mohamed El-Basty Complications of Ahmed Valve PDF
Mohamed Elmalah Ocular response analyzer and glaucoma, is it useful? PDF
Moustafa Nassar Perimetry PDF
Moustafa Nassar Allergan lecture Medical Treatment of Glaucoma and Recent Advances. PDF
Said Shalaby UBM evaluation of post-trabeculectomy bleb PDF
Said Shalaby Case Study PDF
Salah Almosalamy Challenging complications of valve implantation PDF
Sherif Elias Perimetry PDF
Taha Labib Update on Diabetic Glaucomas PDF
Tarek Ragaiey Argon Laser Peripheral Iridoplasty PDF
Thanaa Helmy Safety and Efficacy of Photodynamic Therap Compared to MMC in Controlling Post-Operative Fibrosis PDF
Yasser Saif Target IOP; update. PDF
Yasser Saif Cupping in children with anemia PDF