Dear Colleagues, 
The ESG is pleased to welcome you to its 20th Annual Meeting. Following long months of unprecedented lockdown due to the global Covid-19 crisis, we are happy to meet again, exchanging experiences, ideas, and knowledge. Rich scientific content and a “Glaucoma Movies Theatre” on various areas of interest in the field of glaucoma, together with the participation of eminent Egyptian and International Guest Speakers promise this will be an outstanding meeting.
This year and for the first time, international guest speakers will be virtually sharing their lectures live to the conference room, to be followed by an interactive live discussion with attendees in the congress venue, and virtual attendees. International attendees and speakers will be able to join the meeting virtually, which will be an opportunity to share glaucoma tips and knowledge across the world.
For those attending the meeting in the congress venue, all possible health precautions are well-taken care of, including seating distancing, sanitization, and enforcement of protective masks wearing. To make logistics easier for physical attendees, we opted to squeeze the meeting into one full day, with shorter talk durations and rather condensed content. This is naturally augmented by the very well received “Glaucomatology 2020” ESG webinars series, which will be ongoing to early December.
In ESG2020 we will be in remembrance or Prof M.I. Abdalla, ESG founder and its first president, who passed away in February, may God rest his soul in peace and forgiveness.
In 2020, ESG is inaugurating its Gold Medal Award, which will be awarded each year to an outstanding figure in the field of Glaucoma. Its first awardee is none but Prof Dr. Ahmed Abouleinein, the knight of the society, who has given a career to the service of spreading glaucoma knowledge and helping its patients.
We hope you will find ESG2020 a fruitful and knowledge raising event, and that we all enjoy a rich and healthy conference.

President of ESG
Ahmad K Khalil, MD, PhD

Presenting Doctor Presentation Title Presentation Link
Ali Khalifa Target IOP PDF
Farid Wagdy New modifications in AGV PDF
Fayrouz Aboalazayem Management of glaucoma 2ry to SWS: a case series PDF
Laila Hammouda Closed angle glaucoma suspect PDF
Mohamed ELShafie Take care of MP TSCPC PDF
Nader Bayoumi Panel Discussion: Challenging Cases PDF
Nader Bayoumi VEP changes with surgery in PCG PDF
Yasser Hamed Bleb revision in failed trabeculectomy PDF